Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Resolutions?

I love making New Year's resolutions and then failing big, getting up and going for it again, and again.  That means I am trying to change and creating the opportunity through trial and error to grow into the amazing person God created me to be.  We are not called to be static like a wax museum figures.  No this human drama of renewal is spiritually charged.  Our heart connection to God who lives and moves and has being in us is what has generated the dream. This holy desire for wholeness that guides us is informed by the inflowing love of the Trinity within.  Our project each new year is to make this mode of fullness actual, to incarnate our Spirit of good intentions into the Flesh of action.  As we go about this, we become more and more who God desires us to be.  Our resolutions may be accompanied by oaths and penalties--anything to make the will stick it out.  This is a sobering process, so there is release in trivializing our resolutions.  But at the root is our identity as a Son or Daughter of God; and resolving to be anew in the coming year is really resolving to be faithful to who we are!

Happy New Decade!
Our best years are yet ahead of us!
Peace, Love and Joy,

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