Monday, August 6, 2012

St John Vianney, Cure of Ars, 4 Aug 2012

Click here to download and listen to this homily (7 minutes) given by Fr Thomas Weise at St Catherine of Siena parish in Petersburg, Alaska. St John Vianney (1786-1859), just barely having completed seminary, is the patron Saint of parish priests. As the pastor of a town of 250 souls he would have died in obscurity if hadn't had a gift for hearing confessions. In the winter he would hear confessions for 10-12 hours daily and 15-18 hrs in the summer. There were special trains to bring penitents to Ars to confess their sins and receive absolution.

Readings: Jeremiah 26:11-16, 24; Psalm 69; Matthew 14:1-12

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