Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday of the 28th Week in Ordinary Time, 11 Oct 2011

Click here to download and listen to this homily (8 minutes) given by Fr Thomas Weise at St Rose of Lima parish in Wrangell, Alaska. Paul jumps right in to his first central theme, that he is in no way ashamed of the Gospel. He point out the error of all those who hold that there is no God, or turn the things of creation into "gods" while failing to worship the one true God. Jesus, at the house of a Pharisee for dinner fails to wash his hands, brining ridicule from his host. He answers the our inner disposition must match our outer ritual observance. We are all called to examen how we life our lives and make sure that we have not set up idols of our own making in our hearts while outwardly acting like we are followers of Christ.

Readings: Romans 1:16-25; Psalm 19; Luke 11:37-41

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