Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gratefulness Journel Reflection

Many of you have asked what I use for my Gratefulness Journal. While I have tried everything from note book paper to bound sketch books I have settled on this YWAM Prayer Journal for the last 12 years. See link below. I just ordered my 2011 Personal Prayer Diary. Yea!

I like it so much here is a little add from YWAM.

Making my gratefulness list every day for the past 10 years has really changed the way I see the world. While I do miss the people and the place of Juneau a lot, no one can step into the same river twice. Change is hard and takes lots more work than staying the same. Change is a sign that we are alive and actively working to build up the Kingdom of God. Life is always flowing forward into the future. I can choose to get onboard with that flow and live radically in the present moment accepting where I am at and what is happening as God's gift, or attempt to live some where else like the past or future. I have found the greatest happiness in the present moment and making my daily gratefulness list really helps me do this.

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